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Re: Got 3

Posted by Rick R on 3/15/00 at 00:00 (017310)


I'm not sure what's tougher PF or teenagers. They have learned to use hair spray on the phone as a release agent to prevent it from grafting to their heads. I could have bought a pair of orthotics for a pair of monthly phone bills. #1 is home for spring break, no rest. She's about due to wreck a car too. We are still waiting for her to sleep through the night. We are trying to figure out our son, he also has a girl that he talks to that isn't his girlfriend either. My wife hears from the moms of girls in the hood that our little guy is just a wee bit more interested in the young ladies than he lets on. I'll save the daughter #2 stuff for later, way too much material to work with here. If you ever run into a young lady that looks like Cameron Diaz on steroids that's her.

The circulation issue has got to be important. I'm not sure how elevating the dawgs helps but who cares as long as it does. Getting the old pump cranking has also got to be good.

The Ahpoo immatation is tempting. I do a dandy Barney myself (the drunk). I wouldn't mention the eating thing in your classified add. If they ain't smart enough to figure it out on their own then the heck with them, caveat emptor.

I hope we treat you to better weather next month. But in the mean time keep mentioning the snow, it makes me feel better. I will avoid the hockey thing while the Hawks are home for the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.

I feel your pain and I didn't inhale,