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Re: Cast food for thought.......

Posted by Pookie on 3/15/00 at 00:00 (017328)

Hi there:

Just wanted to put my two cents on this. When I first got that awful bed-riden back pain 10 years ago, one of the options was to cast me and do a surgery to clamp my spine. That sounded SO CREAPIE that I said NO! I opted for a very painful 7 years of moving with injured back joints, PT, crying, Prednisone, blah-blah-blah, and today I am glad I did not restrict my body like that, cause I live a 97% good and productive life now (well, now that I have PF it's gone down to 70%, and I hope temporarily).

I believe muscles only take 2 weeks to atrophy, and when that happens the joints and ligaments take over the support of a body structure til they regain proper strength (physiology 101 according to my back PT). Casting your feet will definitely bring relief, but when you get of the casts, it is those healed ligaments (which without stretching will heal with more scar tissue than stretched through the healing process) that will take over the support of your lower body structure, becoming a catch 22.

I'd say listen to your intuition, shop around for other opinions and options, look for alternative medicines, and hunt for your way out of this maze we are all in. Ride the waves of pain (as my old PT often said to me), and choose to fight the enemy, Pain.

Didn't mean to get poetic here, LOL.

Lucy (Pookie)