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Accomodation by employers

Posted by wendyn on 3/15/00 at 00:00 (017339)

I don't know about the actual laws in the US (I'm from Canada) - but here's what happened with me. I am also unable to take the bus or park in a parking lot far from the building. Normally I drive in with my husband, but when I need my own car I have to park at work. My boss inquired about getting parking for me. First our manager didn't go for it because he was worried it would set a precedent (sure- for people who limp around for over a year first with sore feet???). My boss took it to the Human resources department.

They came up for an interview (I had provided a doctors note when the original request went to the manager). The HR guy said it was very simple - Human Rights legislation dictates that the employer must make resonable accomodations for a disabled employee (not a term I'm used to using on myself). End of discussion. Parking granted.

This may be something you can check into.