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Re: Bone scan.RE Wendyn

Posted by Laurie R on 3/16/00 at 00:00 (017349)


Ok this was not your fault that the Neurologist that did my test had no compassion.If it wasn't for you explaining the test to me in detail I would of been even more upset.This was just one of these doctors that didn't care about patients feelings the thing is he knew I had anxiety before he started the test because I told him and he was trying to be funny cause he was cracking jokes about Podiatrists and they were not funny and I told him that.Live and learn maybe next time I won't tell the doctor how I feel and just have the test done cause I think I just made it worse for myself.

Wendy I appreciate all your help you have always taken the time to answer all my questions.It really means alot to me.

Today I go back to have my last cortisone shot #3 the first two did not help .(Does anyone think that this one is going to help?????)I will post tonight to let everyone know I will give it 4 hours.The one thing I am looking forword to is for this shot to numb my foot it has been very painful for the last two weeks so even if it numbs my foot for 4or5 hours I will be happy.the first shot numb it for 4 hours the second one didn't numb my foot at all.The shots don't hurt because I get for TTS not PF and he injects the cortisone in the inside of my ankle instead of my heel.Have a wonderful day to all.And thank you again Wendy for being my PF and TTS buddy. Laurie R