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Re: You have my respect....

Posted by Pookie on 3/17/00 at 00:00 (017422)

Well, I started up again with the Low Carbo diet. Last time I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I gained 20 pounds since teaching, and now with PF they refuse to go away. The Protein Power diet is my favorite cause it allows me some fruit and stuff to eat. There is a web: proteinpower.com and it has a message board too.

A low carb chocolate recipie from the PP message board:

1oz unsweetened chocolate 2 Tbs butter 1Tbs cream 1tsp vanilla 4-6 packets splenda 1 oz macadamia nuts. Melt chocolate and butter, remove from heat, stir in cream, vanilla, and sweetner, fold in nuts, chill. there is also very good chocolate recipes at the low carb cafe web site.

Let me know how your foot goes. I really do have respect for moms that do everything you are doing.