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Posted by Scott R on 3/17/00 at 00:00 (017447)

I was just sort of kidding. Women in general don't hate me, just the ones I like. I had my 1st (and only) girlfriend at the age of 27. She still wants to marry me, but since she's about to go through menopause, I'm kind of shy about getting into a seriousness relationship. I've been on a date or two with 2 other women in the past 8 years. I don't have any explanation for my 'dry luck', except for maybe that being intelligent and kind are 2 strikes against you here in Montgomery. The most successful guys seem to be those who believe in religion, shoot animals for fun, and watch cars go around in circles. For those who don't live in the south I have to explain: my last sentence was not a joke or exaggeration. But there is no reason to feel sorry for me: there are some women who would respond if I expressed an interest. My complaint is that they are always 40% older or heavier than I. OK, let's get back to foot pain.

Pookie, don't post too many short messages.