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Your definition of "something of value"....

Posted by VickiJ on 3/18/00 at 00:00 (017483)

Just curious...are you by any chance an underpaid, under appreciated school teacher...sounds a little bit like my grouchy jr high math teacher...

The 'value' of this message board can be measured in many, many ways...as far as I am concerned the important medical/practical/technical stuff is only part of it...and when I was ready to throw in the towel and bash someone out of complete desperation, I could come here instead and find a great deal of comfort and solace in people's stories and jokes, not just the 'stuff to be learned and implemented.'
I for one have really enjoyed the change...besides, these things run in cycles and maybe there isn't a lot of new 'meat' to share in this particular cycle.

...the whole purpose of these message boards is to give people and opportunity to communicate with other sufferers...so what if it sometimes is a little on the chatty side and less on the meaty information side???? Lighten up a little and let people enjoy each other while they try to cope with PF....maybe that is part of THEIR definiton of 'SOMETHING OF VALUE'. You can always ignore it...after all if someone posts something of great interest, it gets a lot of posts discussing it further...making it a bit easier to 'find the meat'...or you can leave as you have threatened to...but will you feel any less pain?