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Re: I am an underpaid, and under appreciated teacher, LOL, HI!

Posted by Pookie on 3/18/00 at 00:00 (017499)

Hi Suzanne:

You'll understand my subject title as you read the other messages. I teach art at a High School, and honey! I roll around with my chair as much as possible. Except, that now that I'm doing this big project making an art car, I have to walk, ouch!

Icing, 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Get an Aqua Fina or one of those water bottles, fill it with water (after you drink the yummy water), freeze it. Roll your feet on it. I keep one frozen bottle at work to roll my feet during lunch.

Today, I bought the SAS shoes, and they seem to be liked by my feet. My feet appear to accept its company LOL.

As far as stretches and stuff, to tell you the truth, I have started going to a chiropractor who treats me with ultrasound, TENS (but I call it tense) unit, stretching and adjustment. I do the exercises/stretches religiously, 3 times a day.

I am taking Liga-Tend, which is a vitamin formula specific for ligaments and tendons. I took it for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it helped. It takes about 2 weeks to start feeling its effect. The maker is Biochem.

Just want to welcome you aboard, fellow PF'r and teacher.

I was wondering, have you gained weight from teaching? I have gained 20 pounds, and have restarted the Protein Power diet.

O.K. see ya!