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Re: Boy, do I understand about the walking distance at school

Posted by Pookie on 3/19/00 at 00:00 (017520)

I have to teach at 3 different rooms, and although the school is small, I have to go in and out so much it kills my feet. Try to purchase a pair os SAS shoes from the SAS Factory Shoe Company. Everyone that owns a pair seems happy with them. I just bought a pair, and like them O.K. I say O.K. because I have one leg 7mm shorter than the other, so I have to add that much height with an insert. This extra insert makes my heel slip a bit out of any shoe, so this is the case with the SAS shoes. It's a dilemma for me. I need the extra cushioning from the SAS insoles, yet it becomes to much for the short leg's foot.

I go back to teaching Monday too, and feel quite aprehensive about it. I will slow down though, and hopefully during the Summer I will make a final decision as to whether to stay teaching or not. I am going back to school to take computer courses, and we will see.

O.K., best of luck, let me know how your week goes.