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Plantar fasciitis and subsequent tarsal tunnel tennis player

Posted by dfeet A. on 3/19/00 at 00:00 (017541)

Hi, i'm new, but a sufferer of what began as plantar fasc. and progressed to tarsal tunnel in both feet. i went from a very active tennis player and athletic person who now can only count the hours until my next physical therapy session! Please, if anyone has any further suggestions about coping with these disorders, or has any adjunctive treatment modalities it would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, my job requires that i spend a lot of time on my feet and uses fine motor skills and coordination; therefore, medications that interfere with nerve impulses are out. I've been using the ibuprofen cream regularly, icing, oral anti-inflammatories, etc., but to only mild if any relief. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.