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SAS Not Suitable for Heel Spurs and Birkenstock Arch Support Info...

Posted by Tony on 3/19/00 at 00:00 (017559)

I read with interest a few postings of people trying the SAS shoes for heel pain/spurs. SAS are wonderful shoes in that they come in widths and offer superiour cushioning but they fall short in the amount of arch support they offer for heel problems. Their arch support usually consists of a 1' long strip of foam about 1/4' thick under their moldable insole. For most sufferers at least a 1/2' to 3/4' amount of arch support is necessary.

At risk of being shot it's been along time since I've posted on this board about the Birkenstock Arch Supports we sell online. Scott has a link at the top of this board to our site as well as a picture of the supports. We have found customers have excellent success relieving their pain with these supports which are transferable from shoe to shoe, not overly expensive (about $33 including shipping) and Fully Guaranteed! If they don't help you you can return them for a full refund. For more information please visit our site at http://www.shoetree.com or email me at tgs@pipcom.com. If you're interested in ordering a pair please indicate in your order/e-mail you have linked from Scotts message board.

Thanks everyone. Good luck with your therapies...