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Just got the dreaded diagnosis

Posted by Barbara on 3/20/00 at 00:00 (017581)

Hi everyone. First, I must thank all of you. Because of this board, I think I may have nipped this condition in the bud before real damage was done. I was just diagnosed with PF, although I knew what I had before the doctor even looked at me. From day one, I followed all your recommendations and have been babying my feet as much as posible. Thankfully, I have a behind-the -desk job and need to do very very little walking around. And my boss has been extremely supportive. So has my wonderful husband!!! As of now, my left foot is 'almost' normal...my right foot will take a little more time. I've tried different over-the-counter inserts and orthotics and an old custom orthotics...all to high-arched or too rigid. Right now I'm living in my New Balance 852 running shoes with gel heal pads. Seems to work fine. I'm also ordering the Silicone Dynamic Orthotics. I feel I need soft orthotics that will also take care of my very-over-pronation. I'll let you all know how well (or not) they work. I'm also using homeopathic remedies. I take Arnica and Ruta Graveolens. They actually seem to give me some relief (maybe its a placebo effect, but frankly I don't care how they work). Again, thanks to you all.