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Re: To Robin.

Posted by Kim B. on 3/20/00 at 00:00 (017590)

Hi Robin,

I agree with most of what you posted. However, I do take issue with a couple of items you brought up. Please allow me to explain.

First of all, Nancy S. decide to withdraw from this board even though I apologized for my part in frustrating her over the Mike W. thread that you mentioned. And, when she did it, she did it to make me look bad. For such a wonderful 'contributor' as you put it, it was extreemly rude her not to accept or even respond to the public apology I made for my part in the whole misunderstanding. I don't buy for a minute that she didn't see it or that no one told her it was there. The sprirt of the board should be friendship, fellowship and compassion. I tried to do my part and she blew me off. Her choice.

Nancy is not 'gone' from this board. No one ran her off as you implied. She withdrew of her on valition. Like everyone else here, both she and I can come and go from this board as we choose. Sometimes posting, sometimes lurking. This trend of making a grand exit is a bit on the dramatic side.

Also, John A. is not being 'bombarded' as you put it. The man posted a question and he is getting replys and honest answers. That is what he wanted when he posted the question, right? (Or, were only the ones who agreed with him suppose to respond?)

Kim B.