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My heels were glowing!!

Posted by Stephanie S. on 3/20/00 at 00:00 (017598)

Ok...I did it. Went in for the bone scan. Hooray for me...thought of
every excuse to back out because I'm such a chicken. You guys were
right...it was a 'breeze'. Thanks for encouraging me. Scan diffently
showed my 'Heels a glowing'. Oddly enough...the lady doing the scan
also has the same problem ...PF...has had it for 6 yrs. I referred
her to heelspurs..hope she looks it up...she could also use some
advice and support. Said she lost her job working at a hospital because of the pain and resorted to this radiology place where she
is able to sit for periods of time. This PF really does affect alot
of people. I'll post later when I get the results. Stephanie S.