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Poor Doctor

Posted by cindyp on 3/21/00 at 00:00 (017643)

This round of doctor/hairpulling has started since January. When I went to see the podiatrist I described my symtoms and he sent me for an MRI. I think he is leaning towards a nerve problem. I take this MRI in March and return the following week . He said the results are inconclusive because I moved around too much. Imagine staying perfectly still and being in severe pain for half an hour. What a concept. Then he schedules me for another MRI. This time for both feet. Nothing is wrong with my left foot and he knows it. I also found out that the pharmacy gave me the wrong medication(according to him). It by the way was pentazocine. The other thing that gets me is that he didn't schedule a return appointment to see him until June 1 and he now has me taking amitriptyline and indomethacin. I am in agony most days having trouble walking around and tried to make it clear I wanted to rapidly(emphasis) solve and fix this. How can one judge the competency or lack thereof of a doctor. Has anyone else encountered this?