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I'm sorry!

Posted by VickiJ on 3/22/00 at 00:00 (017662)

Scott, I just wanted to add something else...

I'm sorry...I know I'm 'challenging' you on this particular issue rightnow...but I hope I'm not sounding 'nasty' because I don't mean to be...I do appreciate the tremendous work you do so that this board and your book are available to us all...and I am sympathetic to the fact that you have struggled and suffered with this pf a very long time and you get to vent too! I'm sorry for the 'challenging'...I hate the medical establishment too and the fact that it is so difficult to get genuine help..but I have had doctors be incredibly sensitive and generous too...even if there was no individual that could help me and I had to piece together my own plan with more help from your book than any other single source.

Thanks again...and please excuse my debating...I'll say no more on this subject.