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Fine, thanks for asking, and massage info

Posted by alan k on 3/22/00 at 00:00 (017664)

Someone down there asked how I am doing and what treatment I am using now, Wendy I think.

I'm great and I still read most posts but I am so busy with so many simultaneous projects its overwhelming.

I have given up on doctors completely.

Surprisingly, the podiatrist who 'broke up with me' recently had his office call back to see how I was doing. I was very surprised to get the message as I didn't think he cared. I haven't returned the call yet-- let him suffer a while first.

I have given up on the anti-yeast diet (so strict!) as it did not seem to help me, though I think many people should try it as some are helped.

Right now I am doing yoga at home, working out with foot exercises, and doing a vigorous regimen of Thai massage therapy with emphasis on the calves, feet, and legs. Luckily my wife can do this for me so I don't need referals and it always fits in my busy schedule. Thai massage uses stretching and pressure point therapy according to their ancient medical system. It's like yoga only you lie back the someone else does all the work! (I am also studying it from my wife and returning the favor).

There is definitely a relation between what are called the 'sen' lines in the calf and my foot pain-- pressing certain points in the muscles (Western therapists, while not understanding them, are aware of them and call them 'trigger points') refers pain into my feet, sometimes nastily. The release of the micro-spasms in the calf muscles definitely improves on the tug which the calf puts on the pf.
Strengthening the antagonistic muscles also helps, as per Mike W's theories which in this particular topic are exactly the same as ancient Thai medicine, only in a different language.

Even though I was such a yoga enthusiast and a Thai Buddhist meditator (for many years, and I even was a Thai Buddhist monk at one point in my life), I still went straight to doctors when my foot problems started. My wife did not and now she is fine. I've learned my lessons now and I am glad no doctors worked out for me and I was forced back to the things I know and trust. I still recommend good doctors to anyone who can find them of course. Also, I wouldn't know how to apply Thai medicine to foot pain perfectly were it not for Scott's website and all of you, since it is necessary in treating this to have very specific knowledge which can only come from the experience of all these people.

alan k