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Robin KEEP POSTING and theory number 256

Posted by Gordon on 3/22/00 at 00:00 (017688)

Robin, even though we don't always agree, your posts are the type that always offer a lot to think about. This board gets boring without you.

I know I got upset and left for a while but I think I just let myself get too emotional about all the discussion.

Anyhow, lighten up and throw us a few positive suggestions or thoughts.

While I'm here.........

To me there seems to be a common thread amongst us chronic types and that is we get stressed out easily and perhaps obsess with bad feelings (myself included) or are just too sensitive. I think this stress is part of the reason (theory number 256) that we don't get better. Of course stress does affect the digestive system so it does all tie together with my other 255 theories.
My pain always seems to get better when my stress level are down.