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My shoes have made all the difference.

Posted by linda h. on 3/22/00 at 00:00 (017692)

I haven't posted since December, but I do still read posts with great interest. I have four pair of shoes that I rotate. One pair of Dansko clogs, a pair of Haflinger wool felt clogs a pair of Ecco t-strap shoes and Nike Air's with powerstep inserts. I cannot imagine how I did without these shoes as just the change of shoes alone has lessened my pain from an '8' to a '3'. I recommend that a total change of shoes be tried for a month or two before trying any drastic measures. I have switched for just a workday (8 hours) to a pair of dressier shoes and suffered for days afterwards. It is in sticking with the shoes that has brought long term relief. Also, my boyfriend gives me a foot massage almost every night with a Vaseline Intensive Care foot Smoother lotion. I live in my Haflinger clogs because they can be worn as slippers and have a rubber sole for outdoors. The investment was over $400.00 but well worth it...