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Posted by Jorge F. on 3/22/00 at 00:00 (017703)

Thanks for your advice and concern. This podiatrist that treated me and performed the surgery on me is the third specialist I've seen. the first doctor I saw was an orthorpedic doctor. He prescribed 1600 milligrams of ibuprofen. The pain went away for a while only to come back in full force a year later. The second doctor was a podiatrist. He treated me with cotizone shots, naproxen, and orthopedic supports.
The pain persisted and he told me that I needed surgery. I didn't want that, so I left to get a third opinion(which is the doctor I'm seeing now). After many follow up visits, after the surgery, the pain would not go away. So last week the doctor decided to send me to a physical therapist. The PT is giving me excersizes to strenghthen my left leg(it atrophied because I was using crutches for 5 weeks). They are also giving me ultra-sound therapy and deep massages. The PT commented to me today that I had alot of scartissue around my heel.
I'm seriously considering another opinion, if this pain does not subside in the near future. But, I do feel that I didn't go into this operation in haste. I had been diagnosed with PF in July of 1997. I've had just about every therapy and technique applied to it-to no avail.
If anyone could suggest a good specailist in the North Jersey area I'd appreciate it.
Thanks again, Wendyn.