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Best Shoes and supports I've found!

Posted by Lucy W. on 3/25/00 at 00:00 (017788)

I haven't posted in a lng time. Feel I have to share the help I've received. After trying as we all have many shoes, inserts etc. I found a shoe store in Lubbock Tx. that puts build-ups under the sole insert in your own shoes for $45.00 or 40 if you buy a pair from them,experiencing the most relief ever! I bought a pair of Asics 140 duomax Gel sneakers and they built them up for me and it is heaven! I had them do a pair or Teva Sndals too but haven't tried them yet. Their Name is Makers Shoes -1-806-797-5572. Don't know if they are a chain or if they could suggest someone in your areas. The woman just pressed n my foot and didn't even measure and knew what I needed done. Awesome! I have a trip in 5 weeks so am thrilled! hope this helps someone! Lucy W.