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Re: Rockports

Posted by Kim B. on 3/25/00 at 00:00 (017813)

Rockports also have their own stores. We have a store in our mall. Check your yellow pages.

I have a pair of Black Rockport loafers, they are very well made shoes, but this pair doesn't have enough cushioning and support for me. Replacement insoles won't fit in this style, and so I have to use the NEW SLIM Dr Scoll's Dynastep heel and arch support inserts for dressier/casual shoes. Just someting to think about.

BTW, the guy who sold the Rockports to me talked me into a shoe that was a little too snug, so I ended up having to take them to a shoe repair guy for a good strething. If you have to decide between too tight or a little too loose, go loose because it will allow room to add extra arch and heel supports if needed. Some things to consider anyway.

Regards, Kim B.