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Re: Suggestion

Posted by Bob G. on 3/26/00 at 00:00 (017830)

Hello, Andrea! I know it hurts. Been there and hope not to go back. Research this Board for answers. Here is my input:
You know about the activities that caused your condition; stop doing what caused the problem until you are mended and can do them again the right way - proper footwear, stretching, etc
Analyse your daily activities (habits) that may be re-injuring your PF - things you may not be conscience of yet. Like do you reach way across tables and over-stretch your PF without realizing it? Mentally watch the things you are doing that could keep you injured. I had to change a lot of habits in order to protect my PF.
Bummer having to give up important activities, but you can make it back.
Good luck!