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Re: Dumb move / Reply

Posted by Elise M. on 3/28/00 at 00:00 (017905)

Hi Colleen,
We bought a full breed German Shepherd pup back in Nov when my PF was at it's worst. Funny how she'd know when I couldn't handle much. She'd just sit at my feet and look at me, then she'd try to drink the foot soak water!!! She's now 9 months old and over 85 pounds and she's very active. I crate trained her so she waits until I've fully stretched out and have all my arch supports, heel gel pads and every other appliance known to man inside my shoes before we step foot out the door. I also try to take Motrin before going out, because I know we'll be experiencing some discomfort after the walk. I
invested in dog training for her because of her strength. I knew she'd be pulling me when I least expected it if I didn't get her adequately trained. Make sure you have her under control when on a leash. One lunge and you can tear apart any healing that's been going on. I had to learn the hard way. I bought a choke collar that only worked for so long, then I had to invest in a prong collar which she understands more thoroughly. Good luck with your puppy and your feet........Elise