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warning signs

Posted by alan k on 3/29/00 at 00:00 (017970)

Logically Rick you are right, and that is why Wendy and I are very cautious about making any definitive statement on this. A sample of two is hardly statistically significant and in any case tts often comes with pf.

One thing though: my pf foot pain was getting better while the tts was developing, so it may not make sense to say that the pf was causing the tts since the pf was much better. That still is flimsy, though. I just think people should watch out.

As for your leg hypothesis-- You are exactly right in my opinion. I am having great results from releasing the micro-spasms in my calves. Tight gastrocs pull on the plantar fascia in many (or who knows, maybe all) cases of pf. I think that pulling can be relieved in the way you did it. I recommend exercises and stretches (never done cold!) for the whole leg musculature and massage which breaks up the sore spots on the calf (subtle spasms) and encourages the formation of new elastic fibers.

Beyond that there are more contorversial theories of mine: That calf stretches should not be held for prolonged periods but only a second or so to avoid creating subtle spasm reactions, that flexibility is not the whole picture (my calves are exceptionally flexible and always were) and even flexible, long muscles can have serious micro-spasms in them. Western therapists call them 'trigger points' while Thai medicine calls them 'sen-channel blocks' A Pakistani doctor posted about them in the doctors board I think, or e-mailed Scott and Scott put it up somewhere.

Work with releasing these trigger points is best with a system of therapy but you can also casually work on them by pressing various places on your calves and finding a particularly sore spot, then pressing on it through bearable pain for about 5-6 seconds and then slowly releasing. Be careful as sometimes if you get that day's spot you might send a shot of pain into the pf which will feel like a minor 'set-back' for a couple days. Any refered pain is a good sign you are on to something.

alan k