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Thai Massage-- this message worked

Posted by alan k on 3/30/00 at 00:00 (018021)

Thai Massage is an ancient medical system of targeted stretching and release of trigger points, using hands, feet, elbows, practically everything to stretch and release the muscles from multiple angles.

The closest thing here is physical therapy where the therapist moves your limbs for you, and myofascial release which is a recent discovery of some of the same things Thai medical science has known for 2,000 years about micro-spasms in the muscles that one is not normally aware are present. One uses these trigger points to exert pressure and target the micro-spasms and release them.

The knowledge that has built up over those 2,000 years is absolutely amazing-- everything feels like it was just what you needed. You get feelings of relief from things you didn't even know were tense. The treatment for foot pain focuses on releasing the tugging by the calves and legs which translates itself down to the plantar fascia.

Thai massage also uses traditional herbal compresses to treat the muscles and skin.

You really missed something, john, believe me.

alan k