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Feedback from a PFT customer who had ESTW

Posted by Mike W on 3/31/00 at 00:00 (018094)

Hello ESTW Board,

I just got a call from a PFT customer who bought 2 sets of PFT's from me last summer (one for his home and one for his office). He bought the second pair about a month after the first and told me that his PF was gone and that he felt his feet/lower legs were a lot stronger. However, he thought he had a lot of scar tissue that was still causing him a bit of pain. He had ESTW from DR. Gailea in Toronto last November and today is 100%. He said that his recovery time was less than a month and that he was using Personal Foot Trainers right after his ESTW and continues to use them for prevention.


Mike Wilmot Physical Therapist, Principal PFT's, Email (email removed)
posted to the eswt board