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Posted by alan k on 4/03/00 at 00:00 (018170)

Unfortunately the footprints are a half-breed between classic footbed (milano, arizona, etc.) and a flat pancake. They are wide though, and give your feet lots of room. They are reminiscnet of the classic footbed but not the same. I do wear mine and make out all right with them: about 75% as good as arizonas. Because the footprint does not have a terribly impressive footbed, I put magnetic insoles in them which have some cushion and make them more comfy (something you would never do to a classic footbed).

Models like 'london' have the classic footbed and look like shoes (a bit, and a bit funny). I am going to get londons for next winter myself.

Note that my posts were about orthotics causing tarsal tunnel syndrome in some people (others confirmed it), not pf. Pf could result from orthotic use but I have no way of knowing because I had pf before using them.

I forget: Did you ever say how you got pf and what's worked and not worked for you over the (4?) years?

good luck,

alan k