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Posted by ChrisO on 4/03/00 at 00:00 (018225)

OK - here's my story, I'm sharing it because this message board had a great deal to do with my recovery.
I've had severe PF for two years. I've had the usual treatments from ice to ibuprofen to stretching to orthotics to night splints. I thought they didn't work and got more frustrated and more sore. I play ball and run. I gave up the running over a year ago. My DR kept trying to talk me into a cast - I eventually gave up on all and agreed this last December. I used the cast for three weeks and hated it. It created a whole other 'itis' and I found that if I COULD walk on it I did!
So, knowing that the DR would want me to have another cast for another 3 weeks, and knowing that I'd say no way, I had to give myself a stern talking to. The Doc and I both wanted to avoid surgery so just what was I, and only I, going to do? I took charge. First, I got off my feet for a solid week by sitting in front of my computer. I searched the 'net. I found you. I read for hours. Eventually I found several common themes. I initially was alarmed by the number of folks who said they'd had PF for years - up to 14 years! When I read a few fairly 'whiny' diatribes I decided that I didn't want to get that far so I concentrated on what the rest of you had to say. Eventually, from that, I designed my own rehab program. I had to admit that I had never really given all the customary treatments a committed try for a good length of time. My own pgm. included those customary things plus some things you all talked about.
And guess what? After 2 years of severe (I mean CRAWLING!) PF, I am on the road to recovery. I absolutely can't believe it. I feel reborn! I can shop, I can clean house, I can work in the yard. And - I can play ball! Before I could do those things for no more than five minutes, now I'm up to 4 hours. I'm dying to start running again but have decided to be patient and wait till my baseball season is over.
Because I honestly thought there was no hope for me, and because you all had much to do with my recovery (slow as it is!), I want to share my methods with you. This is long so that will be my next installment.