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Not "dfeeted" just a little cranky

Posted by dfeet on 4/04/00 at 00:00 (018301)

Sorry for the 'downer' on 4/3/00. I had simply lost my direction. Thank you all for helping me get back . If anything, i will take my ortopod's advice, and ' Do anything that will make you feel better.' Well, I'm not sure if there is much more I can do (or fit in), but I will try. (I guess there's alot if you read into the 'anything' part-hehe). I've been trying to do a little meditation which seems to help. Lots of icing too, and petting the pooch. I may have mentioned that I had gotten another corticosteroid injection. This one was different than any I've had. The orthopod gave it in the same foot but at two separate sites. This left my foot ankle and a part of my calf numb for hours. Wow, pain free. The injection was a combo of lidocaine(local anesthetic) and dexamethasone(sp?corticosteroid). So far my pain has been substantially lessened in that foot. I realize that this is only a temporary relief, but this injection so far has outlasted the previous two(not given by the same doc). my current doc is not keen on injections, but he will only give a limited mnumber in extreme cases. I'm not sure if I agree with the injection either, due to the evidence of soft tissue damage. I use it just for hope to 'bump' up to the next progress level( even if it is measured in micro-meters, progress is progress). Well I'm rambling. Thanks to all.