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Re: Rest -- re: rest as a "luxury"

Posted by Nancy S. on 4/05/00 at 00:00 (018361)

You do make an important point, John. On the face of it, few if any of us can afford to take a lengthy rest. My husband and I basically live week by week from our self-employment businesses, with no financial backup. BUT . . . there comes a time when some of us can simply no longer work with PF -- so when it reaches that point, whats the difference? I struggled in great pain for many months trying to keep working, until sometime in December. That's when my husband sat me down (no, I was probably already sitting!) and we decided I absolutely had to get off my feet -- and we decided to go into debt to do it. It seemed not a luxury but an absolute necessity. It was a good choice, and we'll be paying for it for a long time (and I'm still not back to full time), but neither of us thinks of it as a waste. If we hadn't done this, we'd be paying more in the long run -- both financially and in my foot pain and deterioration. So I don't really see it as a luxury. In fact in many ways it stinks, because as you rightly pointed out, resting also takes a lot of patience. Frankly, I dislike it intensely -- I've worked all my life, love to work and be out with people, running around, and driving around in my antiquing van -- it really stinks to put all that aside. But I do recommend it, wholeheartedly, for anyone who has not given PF a really good break.
Also, rest does contribute to turning a person into an addict as far as this board goes, as you say! There are many worse things to be addicted to, and this one's even helpful, eh? You're right that it has to be hard even for people who really know and love you to truly understand the impact of PF. I'm very fortunate that my husband understands as much as he does, which is a lot -- but I'm not sure where I'd be if it weren't for all of you who 'are there' or 'have been there.' There's no replacement. I wish better days ahead for everyone! --Nancy