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Foot Trainers

Posted by George E on 4/05/00 at 00:00 (018366)

I've finally had a couple of days of pain free walking. I'm like a suppliant who has prayed to several saints and doesn't know which one to thank for a cure (amelioration in this case). I've had molded orthotics for more than a year, I've lost weight, watched my posture, seen a chiropractor. Then about three weeks ago I started using the foot trainers. I note that strengtening my feet has helped me to walk properly and not flat footed with turned in knees. I suspect walking properly redistribues the weight and so takes pressure off the inner edges of my heel bones. To quote Mae West on staying young looking, 'Whatever it is, I'm going to keep on doing it, only twice as much.'
Fraternally, GE
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