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I see a chiropractor too

Posted by pookie on 4/05/00 at 00:00 (018368)


I get the same treatment, but in addition I get ultrasound. Tell the chiro the TENS is bugging you. It began buggin me too, and will tell him. Normally, after each treatment you will hurt more, and then it should decrease in the next 3 to 4 days. Overtime this should lessen. Ultrasound promotes healing at the deep tissue level, and feels SO GOOD. Does he do any kind of deep muscle massage and stretching?

Regarding icing, if ice hurts, soak feet in warm water. I like to add epsom salt or one of those foot soaking solutions. Stretch your feet afterwards.

My motto is listen to your body. The medical community can give you educated guesses, but you know your body!

When you start stretching those injured areas, that scar tissue will move/stretch and you will be sore, so use caution when stretching o.k.! Ask your chiro to show you cross-fiber massage. Cross-fiber massage is better for working out scar tissue from injuries such as ours.

Has he given you any orthodics? I have some called AOL, these are from Canada, and work really well. I added some Spenco cushions.

Let me know how you feel. It might be good to compare chiro notes.