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I use New Balance running shoes, and threw away dress shoes

Posted by pookie on 4/05/00 at 00:00 (018372)

The heck with it I thought, my feet are more important. Fortunately as an Art Teacher, my Principal does not seem too concerned for my 'less professional' look.

Injections can weaken tendons and ligaments I think.

Orthodics, and bearfooted. I will go bearfooted sometimes, but will feel worse afterwards. Spenco sells some foot-lenght cushions that are great. Put them over your orthodics. SAS shoes seem to fit everyone great, and look a bit dressier than the pervervial running shoes. Also, Rocport shoes are dressier, haven't shopped for them yet. SAS did not work for me cuase I have to wear an additional padding as I have one leg 7mm shorter than the other, but a lot of people in this site seem to be happy with them.

Don't go bear footed, rest a lot while healing. I suggest you hunt for some pills called Liga-Tend, Formula III, by Biochem. These are taken by injured climbers. I took them when I had CTS surgery, and my recovery was quicker than normal. I now am taking them for PF, and seems to be helping in addition to other stuff.

Best of wishes for a quick recovery.