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Chiro 2nd visit

Posted by BrendaK on 4/12/00 at 00:00 (018630)

Saw my Chrio yesterdy for the free follow-up check of my heel he promised me last week. My foot has been feeling much better since he did adjustments last week, but it was aching some yesterday. This time he never mentioned hypoadrenia like last week. He said my heel was twisted somewhat, adjusted it, found a painful spot at the base of one of my toes and adjusted it. Called my condition tarsal tunnel syndrome, overpronation. Suggested custom made orthotics (about $100.) if adjustments don't help. I had been wearing the Birks around the house to break in 2 or 3 hours at a time. I wore my Birks all day Sat.(didn't have to work) my daughter and I went shopping for 3 or 4 hours,no problems. But after sitting for an hour or so watching TV, foot hurt like heck again when I got up. But then my whole body is usually stiff after sitting for an hour or more. Why is this?