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Re: Elise: Loose that ZERO, and find yourself a Hero...

Posted by Kim B. on 4/13/00 at 00:00 (018698)

Listen to your gut. The guy is either way too burned out and/or he is just not good doc material to begin with. You only get one set of feet to last a life time. Some doc mistakes are irreversable. I wouldn't let 'Mr. Bad Attitude' near my feet with a needle! He seems to be a master of poor judgement.

BTW, my ortho said that the shots are so painful in that area of the body because the tissue is so compressed, and there is really no place for the fluid (medicine) to go. And so, while deadening the suface of the skin will help with the initial needle prick, the pain will probably be deep and excruciating anyway, or so I assume, based on what I've learned.

I do wonder if there is a greater success rate with the shots depending on the level of pain the person is in when they get the shot. I think most people crawl in on their hands and knees, begging for 'the shot' as a last resort, when they are at a 8, 9 or 10 pain level. I wonder if the success rate would be higher if a person wasn't so inflammed at the time the shot was administered, if it would provide a better result all the way around. (Just thinkin out loud.)

Thanks for letting me vent. I absolutely despise the kind of Doc you decribed above. RUN while you still can!!

Regards, Kim B.