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Re: Answers to Questions

Posted by Bob G. on 4/16/00 at 00:00 (018797)

Hi, Kim!

I do not know about the roll bar, but I suspect it helps pronators. I cannot say for sure, but that is my guess. I don't pronate so I don't have a roll bar in my NB 877s.

I have had PF for about 8 years, mostly in remission, but since last July bad bad bad - but now painfree for 6 weeks.

The Strassburg sock may work well for anyone; I use it in combination with the night splint, but it may work well for you without the night splint. I highly recommend the s/sock. Be careful to not overdo it - just a little tension is more than enough. The sock prevents your foot from 'dropping' which prevents contraction and subsequent reinjury.