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Has anyone tried SuperFeet inserts? And doc and Ph Th. disagree.

Posted by Beverly on 4/17/00 at 00:00 (018854)

I am new to this condition. I've only had it a month. I'm the one who wrote about relasping - in much pain. Anyway, I went back to the foot doctor. He said to stay with his ready made (not custom) inserts for now. If they don't work, we'll go to the custom. I went to the athletic shoe store doc likes. It's owned by a runner who is very knowlegable, and actually had PF himself and got better. The store owner highly reccommened 'Superfeet' inserts. For $30.00 it seemed worth a try. They cover the entire foot; so they don't slip like the foot doc's did (The doc's went from heel to beyond arch but not all the way to the toe and were soft and bendable) Superfeet feel firmer - soft ontop but firm bottom. There were several varities. I got the ones for shoes that have removable footbeds. Any experience out there?

I can see this is a trial and error thing. Should I bite the bullet and spend the $$ for the custom inserts? (They are nonrigid. My dad swears by his for a totally different problem.) I have high arches. I pronate a some but not alot. I have a painful PF strain in both feet but not a tear. I have not given into a night splint yet, and doc thinks rest, ice, and orthotics/proper shoes will get me better.

To add to frustration, the doc says I have stretched too much and that is part of why I am not getting better. But I did feel better until I overdid it on my feet out shopping. My physical therapist strongly advocated a series of stretches several times a day. The doctor says stretches are good once my foot stops hurting but while in pain, it will only aggrevate the problem more. Very confusing... The stretches felt good until my achilles tendon started hurting. Fortunately, doc said it's not tendonistis yet, just aggrevated. I am a journalist. I like facts. This is all shades of grey! I am frustrated!

Also, has anyone tried Teva sandals?