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Posted by wendyn on 4/18/00 at 00:00 (018933)

Interesting and well expressed post Beverly - I can certainly relate to what you're going through (as many of us can). Try not to let this stop you from doing the things you want like going to a movie. What about going with a friend that will stand in line while you sit? For your sermon, you may want to bring a foot stool and rest one foot on it (alternating) while you talk. For some reason it seems to take some of the pressure off. Or, how about a higher stool that you could kneel on? (If your knees will take it). Maybe there's a high stool that you could just lean your butt on, or use a walking microphone and walk around a bit. Even 7 minutes can be long if you're in pain. If you're anything like me, once the pain hits your brain shuts off and it can be hard to think. I once ended up buying a $25.00 lip liner because my sore feet had overwhelmed my brain.

Yes, this can be socially isolating....but it's amazing how many modifications you can make to your lifestyle to make things work with your restrictions. It takes time though - and lots of support...you've come to the right place!