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Re: Yes, I have.

Posted by Kim B. on 4/18/00 at 00:00 (018934)

I took Neurontin for about 5 weeks as a pain management aid. Basically it didn't agree with my lifestyle. I felt no benefit from it, though it did make me drowsy. The main reason I didn't like it is because of the 4 doses a day which I couldn't seem to remember at regular intervals. More of a problems was the fact that I wasn't suppose take it within an hour (?) of antiacids or dairy products. Both of which I partake of, particularly the dairy products since I am trying to nix the carbs. That's my 2 cents worth. Hope you have better luck and/or you find the right cure for you. I do remember the doc saying that it would have to be in my system for a while before I would be able to feel a benefit from it.

I have been having good luck with massage therapy/foot reflexology. My threapist seems to be doing some sort of Active Release Therapy (my words, not hers btw) that has really helped with my ankle pain. Of course I am not giving the entire credit to the massage therapy. It is definately a combination of things. Mainly the tips and diciplines I've learned here. I have some good days and some terrible days. The weather seems to affect me a lot. I fear it could be a bursitis/rheumatisim type of problem. Maybe time will tell.

Feel better soon.