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Re: Stretching/balance

Posted by ChrisO on 4/19/00 at 00:00 (018986)

Seems to me that the most consistent things I've found on this site are (1), support and (2) individualism. Looked to me, Robin, that Bob actually supported your method of non-stretching while supporting the mild stretching that others do - both methods as they pertain to healing inflammation. He's also struck a balance, as has Alan, with the fact that, in healthy folks, stretching after warming up (some methods even save the stretching for AFTER a workout) is critical to overall conditioning. It's just that, as with all other physical fitness endeavors we pursue in our society, we may well be over-doing it with stretching - even while uninjured. Having said that, I am absolutely certain that my lack of stretching before running and ballplaying for 20 years is one of the things that got me in to this PF mess. Had I known 20 years ago that my high arches would lead to this I'd have been WAY more proactive in prevention. Is it safe to say that, overall, stretching is used too much in the extreme? Even in healthy folks? Can it cause, even in healthy folks, damage? As I think about it, I can't remember, after these 20 years of attempted physical fitness, any real information as to the possible destructive powers of stretching. I'm also willing to bet that, in trying to treat my PF, the stretching against a wall AND off a step (oy!) definately made things significantly worse. Yet those are the stretches recommended by my Pod and his literature! Maybe we ought to write a book......