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Posted by Pat M on 4/19/00 at 00:00 (019025)

I really need to stop reading all of these articles. I get more confused everyday. Tonight I have read that you should stretch in one journal article, then in another...don't.
Cortisone helps in one....another absolutely not.
I read one that says nearly all pf goes away spontaniously. The next one I read talked about how even the lightest case can not clear up without treatment.
Casts - guess what? They really, really help, then again, they're not useful unless problems are severe.

Is there anything that anyone agrees on? I couldn't possibly tell you which articles these were, I've read a bunch just tonight, but most of the links came from the journal articles here. I'm not complaining. I just still don't know what to expect. By the way, have appointment May 2 with GP. I thought that I would be well informed, but now I'm just well confused. (O.K. I'm through now.)
Hope everyone is well. Pat M