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Living with hit

Posted by wendyn on 4/20/00 at 00:00 (019039)

Beverly, although we all emphasize lifestyle modifications and REST...you can't stop living either. Some of us are looking at living with this on a potentially permanent basis (hopefully very few of us). So even though you won't be out running marathons...try not to let this keep you from doing what you want to do.

If necessary, use a wheelchair or a cane for periods where you'd have to be on your feet a lot. I have done this, and I'm only 31. If my ego can take it - so can yours. Sit as much as you can and ice and use pain killers if that's what works for you. Don't worry about how you look in your ugly shoes - I live in ugly Birkenstocks and I've gotten over it.

Almost 3 years ago I had my first very nasty case of PF - it lasted most of the summer. Following summer - same thing. Last summer it was TTS and I couldn't even walk farther than a block. That's three summers shot...I hope this summer is better. But, my point is - you can't sit around waiting for things to get better..you may have to just make do with how things are for now.

Enjoy your trip with your dad and make every moment count....life is too short to wait for good feet that may never show up!

p.s. I may be going a little overboard on my 'seize the moment' attitude..but a friend (40 years old) just passed away suddenly, and another friend had liver surgery yesterday for metastatic cancer. Constant reminders of how fragile life is...