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Scott - sounds like advice - some concerns

Posted by Helen on 4/20/00 at 00:00 (019048)

Hi. It is interesting that Scott is giving me 'take it easy' advice in response to my message. I am happy on the one hand to get this advice Scott, about being cautious with follow-up from Ossatron, etc. However Scott I did not ask for advice in my message. I wonder if giving general advice about Ossatron follow-up is a conflict of interest for you as you are the host of the web site/message board (I do want to stress how thankful I am that you are providing this service to all of us - I trust you are getting some advertising revenues to help you cover your time). I really just wanted to know how you have been acting foot wise during this period. Dr. Galea said I could walk as much as I wanted throughout the entire 12 weeks, and so far I have tried to do this, cutting back when I feel pain. The problem is that I may not feel pain until the next day after the activity. I am going to see Dr, Galea next week and will try to report back to everyone. No one informed me before the treatment that I would have to take it easy for 12 weeks. And Dr. Galea discouraged on two separate occassions me from taking it easy. At any rate, it is virtually impossible to take it easy with a 21 pound child to carry around and given that I do not drive everywhere. It is interesting that Dr. Gordon seems to have quite a different approach in post treatment. In future, I think there should be some clear information given to people seeking the Ossatron treatment about how they may need to limit their activities after the zap.

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