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Answer for Helen and Chris

Posted by Scott R on 4/20/00 at 00:00 (019055)

I am doing better now than at anytime since becoming afflicted 5 years ago. I no longer use tape. I used to require it everyday. I am borderline on having to use it, so there could easily be a setback if I overdo it. It is not yet well enough to jog around the block without causing harm. But this is from disuse over the last 5 years more than from PF. I will very slowly try to work up to that. Otherwise, my activity is not limited. I walk bare-footed around the house, with only minor pain the next day as a result (so I've cut back on that). Dr Gordon told me the treatment would probably not help my case. He emphasized this so strongly I said 'Then why are we doing this?' I guess the only other difference between myself and the others is that I continue to spread 15,000 mg of vitamin C out over each day (which is supposed to help tissue repair).

I do not believe there is a conflict of interest in my posts because no one affiliated with OssaTron has paid me any money or gifts or has promised to pay anything, besides the getting the treatment. If that's a conflict, then the whole group of us that went are in error. It's interesting to note I've been offered Orbasone and Sonocur treatments.

I know the above sounds like a contradiction to 'take it easy' but my definition of 'take it easy' is to slowly increase activity as long as it does not cause pain either during or after the activity. I did not mean to imply there should be no increase in activity during the 12 weeks. As much activity as can be safely tolerated is needed. Suddenly increasing activity above pre-treatment levels a week after the treatment does not seem wise. The cyclic nature of PF appears to be the result of overdoing it. Overdoing it seems to be at least partially the result of not noticing an increase in pain until the swelling has kicked in 2 days later. That can make the source of the increase in pain a mystery. It took me 3 years to realize that part of it.

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