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Re: Research is good. So is self-determination

Posted by Robin B. on 4/21/00 at 00:00 (019100)

Hi Pat,

When I first started on this board (1.5 years ago), there was a ton of information even then. I remember during my first few days after finding it (grateful to find ANYTHING that identified this condition for me), I read and read and read -- and confused myself too. My suggestion is -- read and read and read -- and then step back for awhile and just rethink it all and let it settle it. Vicki and others are right -- what works for one doesn't work for another. There is plenty of proof right on this board.

Fortunately, I had doctors who were next-to-no help -- so I decided to take treatment into my own hands. I have since become a big believer in self-determination. My own personal belief is that when a person is just starting out on the path to curing his or her PF, one of the first and most important things he or she can do is to locate shoes that at least alleviate the pain a little bit. For me, anyway, finding shoes that I could at least limp along in without tearing up was my No. 1 immediate goal. I figured then I could proceed with attempting to try various other treatments -- but first, I had to get to the point of just being able to stand and ever so moderately get around.

In answer to your question -- no, you will probably find very little that people here agree on. And people here, in general, have much more experience trying to treat their PF than the medical community does. But no, there is not one cure or one remedy or one anything that works for anyone.

Even shoes. I like Birks, others can't wear them for 5 minutes. There is SAS, New Balance, Mephistos and lots more.

Don't let the wealth of info get you down or confuse it. Think of how much better off you are than if you didn't have a computer or computer access and couldn't get to ANY of this information. Better too much than too little, eh?
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