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Re: Scott, here's my input.

Posted by Kim B. on 4/21/00 at 00:00 (019109)

Hi Scott,

I appreciate that you are constantly seeking to improve this message board and site. Thanks again for all your efforts, many of us would be pitifully lost without it. You are getting some honest feedback and I'm sure you will weight it carefully. I will add to those expressed by saying this:

I feel there a lot of good information that is burried in the eons of previous postings, and, if one morsel of great information slips though the cracks of this new system, it could be a big loss for someone.

Secondly, I think the Search capability at the top of the message board needs to be further highlighted (Bigger, bolder, better explained, etc.) Maybe a short paragraph encouraging it's use and function could help those who don't notice it as well as cut down on redundant postings.

Thirdly, maybe you should compile a list of Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). The first question might be 'How do I find out more about specific topic' Answer: 'Use this sites powerful search engine'. You might ask the board to help you compile the questions, and come up with the rest based on your experience and research.

Regards, Kim B.

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