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Re: Directing to the Search Engine

Posted by Kim B. on 4/21/00 at 00:00 (019124)

Hi Pat and Newcomers,

When I direct someone to the search feature, it's not because I mind their question at all. I point it out because it is the BEST way to get instant answers. Posting is great, but you have to wait for responses, and sometimes the specific question may not attract someone who can answer it right away, then it gets kind of buried.

More importanly, sometimes you need answers right THEN, not later. The search engine here is indeed powerful, quick, and user friendly. It can often provide an answer more quickly than waiting for responses, or at least give you some stuff to consider while you wait for responses to your posting. That is the main reason we point it out. It's never to discourage newby questions. For us, the search feature is like a 'best kept secret'. We are trying to share what he have learned.

Hang around, we're glad you're here, misery loves company!

Regards, Kim B.

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