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Re: to Melody & Nancy & all who have written me/hope

Posted by Beverly on 4/23/00 at 00:00 (019220)

Dear Melody & Nancy & everyone who has written me:
A Message about hope:

As I have been dealing with one more health diaster in the last year and a half, this time PF, I have found myself asking God alot of 'why's', and I don't yet have an answer. I do feel that I am learning or being reminded of something about both compassion and hope. Read on and it will make more sense.

You see, I caught the phrase 'yeast die off' in one of your messages. I may be reading way too much between the lines in terms of if you were referring to Candida, but remembering my own battle with Candida and then recovery, did remind me alot about hope and it helps me keep my 'feet troubles' in perspective.

It sounds like a number of us have had more than one difficult to treat malady and my heart goes out to those of you in that boat. Melody and Nancy, if you are referring to systemic Candida by the phrase 'yeast dieoff', I had systemic Candida many years ago. (8 to be exact.) I had yeast infections that were beyond anything I can describe, and no matter how bad this PF pain is, I still wouldn't trade it for the incessant itching and burning misery of Candida, well not yet, anyway... Anyway, the point is that I got over Candida. It did take many different tries, reading everything I could get my hands on, and trying most all of them - and going outside the bounds of traditional medicine, and it took me a couple of years to get into remission. (I also had to use good judgement/research and sometimes pure instinct to wade beyond quakery and know the difference.) For me, it came down to a very strict food allergy diet and a number of other things, but food was the biggie. To this day, none of my 'bad foods' touch my lips, and to this day, now eight years later, I rarely get a yeast infection, because I know my 'triggers' and I avoid them.

So when I remember how hard I had to try to get over Candida and how desperate I was and that it was an 'orphan illness' and yet with diligence I did get over it, it gives me hope now. And as much as I suffered back then, until I read your phrase 'yeast die-off,' I hadn't even given it a thought in this present PF situation -other than knowing I'll need to use great caution with Cortizone (Some doctors believe it tends to flair up yeast if used frequently. And some of my friends who have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are also spooked by Cortizone because of what it can do to the immune system. I did use it in eye drop form when I had Iritis, but I didn't have a choice and maybe once every couple of years, I've taken a single shot for allergies. I'm just very careful how often.)

Maybe I'm getting philosophical because tomorrow is Easter. I don't know. My other half is asleep in bed, and I know you guys are helping to keep sanity in my marriage, because I have someone else to talk to about all this.

One of the things I have learned from people with Cancer and with AIDS (the two worst things I can think of at the moment) is that the people who survive the best are the ones with hope and diligence.

And a number of medical studies have been done showing the healing connection between prayer and recovery (anybody's God - Christian, Jewish, Buddist, Muslim, Hindu, ... doesn't seem to matter). It wasn't just the placebo effect, because even people who didn't know they were being prayed for had a better rate of recovery than people who were not prayed for. The best books I've read on this are by Dr. Herbert Benson (I think he is a cardiologist - writes about the 'Relaxation Response.') and by Larry Dossey (another doctor, I think). I tend to like Benson's the best.

I also like Bernie Seagal's many books and tapes - an oncologist whose most famous book is called, 'Love, Hope, and Medicine.' (I think that is the title or something real close to that - don't have it handy at the moment.) Bernie's visualization tapes (found at Barnes and Noble) are my very favorite - my best way to sleep on sleepless nights. He takes you on a wonderful trip to 'your special safe place in the universe' and then on a journey of discovery.
I find them very relaxing, and often for me, they work better or as well as a pill.

So my prayer for all of you this Easter is that you do find remission and that you hang onto hope and in the meantime, you'll find the best way to cope in mind/spirit that works for you.


PS: On a practical note, what is this TTS you all keep referring to and what is Bromelain? And when I feel up to going shopping for Birks, do you all wear your inserts in the Birk sandals? Seems like they would fall out. Also, has anyone tried TEVA sandals? My doctor likes them. From the pictures in magazines, they look comfortable and like a well built athletic shoe turned into a sandal.