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To Nancy

Posted by Melody on 4/23/00 at 00:00 (019223)

Hello Nancy,
I hope your feet are feeling a bit better!

My PF is pretty bad at the minute. I had a steroid injection around Christmas and it just made things worse. I had an appointment with my GP last week to discuss what I should do now. After getting up mega early and dragging myself to the surgery I was more than a little annoyed to discover that I had been booked in with a locum even though I had specified that under no circumstances did I want to see ANYONE other than my own doctor!! In the end I came home without seeing anyone. I hope to get another appointment next week some time. I am not really sure what options I should be considering now. I have had ultrasound, steroid injections x2, stretched, iced, can only wear trainers (can't find Birks anywhere near me!)rest as much as I can- but that isn't easy!! Now what?? Who knows!!

I am finding the rest thing very difficult. I can only use one hand now so that has cut out an awful lot of things I used to enjoy. Now I am supposed to sit all day too! I think I will go crazy!!LOL

Take care and I hope your feet heal!!